trans box logo by Lily Kelly aka SoLilyKweez

Logo by Lily Kelly aka SoLilyKweez

Who we are

Currently, we are two elder trans people who want to help our local community prosper. The current leads of the project are Uma and Willow; however, we are always looking to expand. If you are interested reach out to

Purpose of the Boxes

Our intention of the boxes are to support newer trans people in the community or those that do not have the funds to access basic gender transition related goods. It is often daunting, scary, and expensive to shop for the initial supplies. Our hope is with the boxes it will make it easier and more comfortable to start your gender transition journey.

Helping Fund the Project

It approximately costs 50$ to create a box. Currently, just Willow and Uma are funding the project to support their community. We would appreciate your support to help fund the boxes to further support our community. A donation is appreciated if you receive a box, but is absolutely not required. If you know of someone or you yourself are interested in supporting our project please email us at

Box Content

We will have 3 types of boxes but for now we only have two:

  • Transfemme oriented box

  • Transmasc oriented box

  • Enby oriented box (WIP): this will be a system to select items from any of the boxes you would want or need

PDF of flyers showing all content of each box

Trans Tape Saftey!!!!

First most importantly, trans tape is not required to be used! But if you think it will be helpful for you please follow all saftey procedures.

Here are two great reasorces to follow on this topic:

Reach out

email us at with questions.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to

  • Lily Kelly for her logo she made for our project! She does graphic Design so please reach out to her if you are in need of a great designer!
  • Cascadia for her box icon for the home page