These groups all meet in Huntsville, but many people from the surrounding communities (Madison, Athens, Decatur, etc.) are members of the groups as well.

Transgender North Alabama - Adult Support Group (18+)

This group is hosted in Huntsville, and meets several times per month. We welcome all adult transgender and non-binary identifying people regardless of their physical or social state of transition. You must also be 18 or older to attend.

Group meetings are an opportunity for members to discuss whatever is on their mind, as well as providing a safe space to explore gender expression without fear of judgement.

Group membership is kept confidential, and measures are taken to preserve privacy and avoid outing people.

To help ensure the privacy and safety of the group, exact meeting details are not publicly available. If you would like more information please send us an email or join the Discord group.

Note for group members: We are currently following CDC guidelines for all in-person support group meetings. In particular, this means if the Madison county COVID-19 Community Level is "High", masks are required for anyone attending the group. At "Medium" or "Low" masks are optional, but you are always free to wear a mask to group if you wish.

TransFamily Support Group

Support groups for:

  • Middle school
  • High school
  • Young adults
  • Parents of trans children

Website: TransFamily Support Services - Alabama

Trans+ - UAH Support Group

An interpersonal support group for UAH students who identify as transgender, non-binary or other gender diverse identities.

Members must be vetted by Danielle Daniels or another member of the UAH Counseling Center to join and will be informed of the meeting dates, time and location once approved to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all our group members.

Individuals interested in more information can reach out to UAH Counseling, (256) 824-6203

Mid-Life Transgender Support Group

Our trans-led peer support group is open to people in mid-life or later. Our support group provides a safe space for people who are transgender, gender non-conforming, and their significant family members. We provide a place to come together to support one another, as we work though the challenges of gender dysphoria. Those of us in mid-life may be married, may be in mid-career, may be a business owner, and may have children (and grandchildren). Our circumstances and life experiences set up apart from younger transgender people. This support group is also a good place to come to get information and referrals for other services you may need. There is no cost to attend our support group.

If you are interested in attending our support group, please email the coordinators at or contact Colleen at by mobile phone at (256) 434-1850 or Jimmie at (256) 679-3034.